Autumn Fog

Summer is ending and fall will soon be here, bringing in new weather patterns. This seasonal change causes inconsistent weather including cooler temperatures and increased chances of rain. The change of temperature and humidity can lead to fog around the roadways. Fog can reduce visibility for a driver and contribute to traffic accidents.

How do you avoid these accidents? Firstly, slow down. This may seem simple, but driving at a lower speed will help you to navigate through the fog. Secondly, use fog lights if your car is equipped with them. Many people tend to use high beams, but they actually make visibility much worse in foggy conditions. You may also want to look at the marked points, like road lines, to help you stay in your lane. Additionally, if you fear that the fog is too thick and you are worried of others in front or behind you, turn on your hazards. Lastly, don’t stop on the shoulder unless it is absolutely necessary. Other drivers may not see you and since your car is stopped, it may be too late and could cause an accident that could have been preventable.

If you feel that the weather is too difficult to operate your vehicle in, don’t drive! Wait until the fog subsides before hitting the road. By doing this you are not only protecting yourself, but others, too.

If you have any questions about fog or the accidents that go along with it, please call The Uhl Agency at (947) 434-9090