Avoiding Spooky Insurance Claims This Halloween

Halloween is arguably one of the best days of the year. Kids get to dress up, socialize with friends and family, meet new people and most importantly, get candy! The day itself may be lighthearted, but there may be some spooky situations you may not have thought of.

Typically, Halloween has “trick-or-treaters” that come by at nighttime. In the fall, it is usually pretty dark out. This can be a hazard if your sidewalk, driveway or stairs are not well-lit. It is also important to note that your pets should be inside or away from guests. If you plan on using candles in pumpkins or around your house, make sure you are watching them! These can be a fire hazard, especially with increased foot traffic. Also, be sure that when you hand out candy, it is commercially-packed treats.

For the adult side of Halloween, if you host any guests you should know that their actions reflect back on you. Opening up your home exposes you to host liquor liability, which means that you can be held legally liable for the serving of alcohol to a guest at your home should they end up harming someone else or damaging their property. Guests should always have a designated driver. Monitor your own drinking so you can better control the situation if one were to arise. Stop serving alcohol at the end of the evening and offer water, tea, or coffee to your guests before they leave.

In addition to our tips to help ensure a safe Halloween, the CDC has also provided guidelines to enjoy Halloween in a safe way. Please reference this article before you head out to trick-or-treat. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays.html#halloween

If you have any questions, reach out to The Uhl Agency at (937) 434-9090. Have a Happy Halloween!