Before You Fire Up the Grill…

If you’re anything like us, weekends during the summer involve sitting outside and lighting up the grill for a barbeque. Something about a grill and the smell of fresh foods is a sure-fire way to put you in a great mood. Nothing can put a damper on that mood quite like a trip to the emergency room, though!

I bet the thought has briefly crossed your mind, but have you ever thought about the damage that grills can cause? If you don’t practice safe grilling methods or lack a regular upkeep with your grill, you may be preparing yourself for disaster.

Simple tasks can go a long way. We recommend fully reading and comprehending your instruction manual, properly cleaning your grill, checking that your grill is not near any wooden or flammable structures, doing an inspection of lines before you light your grill, and not leaving your grill unattended. All of these may seem like small tasks, but you’d be surprised at how often these get overlooked.

Take the proper precautions and enjoy your summer grilling safely!