Focus on Fleet Safety

Insurance companies have struggled with business auto losses for the last decade, as the frequency and severity of claims has continued to steadily rise. Distracted driving, increased medical costs, and an increase in auto repair costs have all played a role in this trend.

For businesses with a fleet of vehicles, it is important to have a fleet safety program in place. This program can improve safety, efficiency and can make your account more attractive to the insurance marketplace.

A few items to consider as part of a fleet safety program include:

· Identify your drivers: As simple as it sounds, make sure you know which employees are using company-owned vehicles as well as if any are using their own vehicles for business purposes. Once this information is gathered, make sure your insurance program properly covers all of your exposures!
· Train your drivers: Ensure that your drivers are properly trained for their job duties and keep them apprised of any new regulations and/or training that applies to their position.
· Establish written policies and procedures: It is important that procedures and expectations are put into writing for all employees to follow. This also makes it easier to onboard new hires. If you would like a FREE fleet safety policy template from The Uhl Agency, please reach out to your agent or account manager.
· Carefully screen your drivers: In addition to ensuring that potential new hires meet your qualifications, make sure you run their motor vehicle report to check their driving history. If you don’t subscribe to a service that allows you to do this, The Uhl Agency can run MVR’s for you.
· Manage accidents when they occur: Get the facts from your driver and claims adjuster and determine if additional training or procedures will assist with preventing similar accidents in the future.
· Curate a plan for maintenance, inspection, and repair: Keeping your fleet in good working order will help to reduce accidents or claims stemming from maintenance-related issues.

By taking all of the actions listed above, you’ll be sure to help protect your business and autos. If you want more information or have any questions about this topic, call The Uhl Agency at (937) 434-9090!