Playground Safety Tips

Now that summer is in full swing and temperatures are on the rise, our children are spending more time outside. For those of you with younger children, this probably means you’re spending more time at the playground. Here are a few safety tips to keep your children safe as they have fun burning off energy that most adults wish they had!

  • Make sure playground surfaces aren’t too hot – this is especially important for slides. Many of us grew up in an era when the playground and park slides were made out of metal and it didn’t take a 90-degree day to make those things burning hot! Fortunately, a lot of slides are now made from plastic. However, they can still get quite hot, so be sure to feel the surface with your hand before letting your take the risk of burning their legs.
  • Make sure your child’s clothing doesn’t create extra risks. Extremely loose fitting clothes or clothes with drawstrings on them can catch on playground equipment and can cause unnecessary danger.
  • Make sure the playground surface is adequate. The surface should be rubber matting or made up of items such as ground rubber, wood chips, mulch, or another substance that will soften the blow in the event a fall takes place.
  • Always supervise your children and make sure they are using age-appropriate playground equipment. For example, smaller kids shouldn’t attempt to use rock climbing walls and older kids shouldn’t use playground rockers (such as rocking horses) that are designed for smaller children.

In short, just use some common sense so that your kids can have fun without you worrying about their safety. A few preventive measures can go a long way!