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Terri Grill

Personal Insurance Account Manager

We work 110% to provide a good customer service experience. One of my goals is to be able to provide a peace of mind and support to make insurance not so daunting and a little more understandable.   


About Terri Grill

Terri has lived many years in the Preble County area, mostly in Eaton and Lewisburg areas.  Graduating from Twin Valley North in 1979 (Go Panthers). She has settled in Montgomery County and enjoys her country life.

In the early part of her insurance career (1984), her mother was one to encourage her to get into a business that will never leave you feeling bored and will keep you on “your toes”!  That was 37 years ago, and she provided very sound advice - always changing and never a time to get bored. 

Beginning with several small agencies in around the Dayton area, in 1989 Terri was ready for a transition to a larger agency. In 1989 she began working for Baldwin & Whitney Insurance downtown Dayton. At the time it was one of the largest agencies in the downtown area and provided many learning experiences that Terri will never forget. The agency was purchased by Acordia and then by Wells Fargo Insurance. When she left to work for Uhl Agency she was going into her 25th year. In 2013 I began Terri career with The Uhl Agency. Terri believes her co-workers are like a second family, they are always here to help get you through. 

Terri has many hobbies including scrapbooking, “junking”, shopping, reading, hiking, camping, spending time with her grandchildren (as any knows they do keep you young) relaxing with her friends and husband, and all genres of music. A little detail that people may not know about Terri is that when she would watch the Cincinnati Reds with her dad as a young girl of maybe 8 or 9, she would always tell him she was going to marry Johnny Bench.  For her 60th birthday Johnny Bench sent a personal video to her! Terri also enjoys watching Ohio State football (Go Bucks!) and of course Cincinnati Reds.

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