While drones can be fun, they can also cause unforeseen insurance claims

The New York Times recently reported that more than 577,000 people have registered as hobby drone operators as of early December. If you are giving a drone as a gift or if you end up being the lucky recipient of one, there are insurance ramifications to consider.

Most homeowner policies will cover drones if they are being used strictly for hobby purposes. Accidental property damage or bodily injury to another person will fall under your homeowner policy’s personal liability coverage. Coverage for the drone itself is provided under your policy’s contents coverage.

However, there have been an increasing number of claims with regard to personal injury coverage (invasion of privacy), so caution should be exercised when using drones that have cameras attached to them.

Lastly, if your drone is designed to carry cargo, it could fall under your homeowner policy’s definition of “aircraft,” so coverage exclusions may apply.

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