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Employee Benefits Insurance

The Uhl Agency understands your company’s need to balance a comprehensive employee benefit program against the continued rising costs of health insurance. We offer a variety of group health insurance solutions along with ancillary products to complement them.

Hiring and retaining good employees is a challenge that every business faces. One way to keep your valued personnel is to provide them with an attractive employee benefits package.   


The Uhl Agency can assist you with creating and implementing a comprehensive employee benefits program that meets your needs and fits within your budget.


We offer a variety of group health insurance options, which is typically the cornerstone of an employee benefits program. No matter if you’re seeking a PPO plan, and HMO plan, a plan that integrates with an HSA, or a MEWA plan that is medially-underwritten, The Uhl Agency has choices for you and your business to consider.


We can complement your health insurance offering with a full range of ancillary products, including life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, short-term disability insurance, and long-term disability coverage. Voluntary ancillary options are available as well, which can round out your benefits offering while keeping your company’s costs to a minimum.


Finally, the experienced team at The Uhl Agency can assist with protecting your business in the form of buy/sell or key person life insurance as well as attracting, retaining, and rewarding key employees using executive bonus plan life insurance.


Reach out to one of The Uhl Agency team members for more information.

Health Insurance
The group health insurance marketplace has changed significantly over the years, but The Uhl Agency offers an assortment of options through multiple insurance companies to help you tailor a program to meet the specific needs of your organization.
Dental Insurance
The Uhl Agency offers group dental insurance plans that are offered in conjunction with group health insurance programs as well as stand-alone products that can be offered separately. Contact our office to learn more.
Disability Insurance
Whether it's short-term or long-term disability you'd like to offer your employees, The Uhl Agency can tailor a program to fit your needs through some of the top insurance companies in the disability insurance market. 
Life Insurance
The Uhl Agency offers employer-paid life insurance options along with voluntary products that allow employees to add extra financial protection for their families. Contact us to learn more about this valuable protection that is very affordable to both employers and employees.
Vision Insurance
Don't forget to add vision insurance as part of your employee benefits program! The Uhl Agency offers an array of affordable vision insurance options through a host of well-respected insurance companies.
Business Life Insurance
Business owners face challenges to recruit and retain executives as well as to keep their businesses running in the event an executive or owner passes away. The Uhl Agency's team of professionals can tailor a business life insurance program to the unique needs of your company.
Critical Illness & Accident Insurance
The Uhl Agency also offers solutions designed to minimize your employees' out-of-pocket expenses associated with accidents or serious illnesses that can be costly to treat.
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