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Defining Deepfakes

Cybersecurity is a very important topic that we continuously highlight because it is so relevant, and new forms continue to surface often.

In an effort to work in safe environments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a large shift to work-from-home procedures for many companies, exploiting businesses to even more threats. Moving devices and networks to many different locations meant employees needed to be even more well-versed in training and protection from cyberattacks. This particular form of cybersecurity is seemingly still an issue for some, and we continue to encourage you to take all of the right precautions when it comes to work from home cyber practices.

Another topic we would be remiss not to mention is deepfakes, as they have gained the attention of many the over past few years. A deepfake is an image, video, or audio file that is created with artificial intelligence. This technology is primarily used for viral videos, however, that doesn’t mean there is not a potential exposure to the insurance industry.

Deepfake technology can be used to create voicemail or email from a leader figure that seems legitimate, however it is completely fraudulent. In this type of situation, an employee can disclose extremely sensitive information and/or transfer business funds based on a seemingly harmless request. What is even scarier is that this form of cyberattack is on its way to increased popularity.

In order to defend against the threat of deepfakes, we suggest having cyber protection coverage in place. More importantly, though, you must have the knowledge of a risky email, phone call, or network. Being properly aware and informed on topics like this can help your business and its employees from a costly mistake.

If you want to learn more about Deepfakes, we recommend looking at this document provided by The Uhl Agency’s Resource One. Resource One is chock-full of valuable resources and content like this one. If you are not signed up for Resource One, please contact us! We’d love to get you signed up for the FREE service.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to The Uhl Agency at (937) 434-9090.

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