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One More New Year's Resolution: Business Insurance Account Review

With the start of a new year, many small business owners will be coming off an extremely busy season. It can be easy to overlook changes that have occurred within your business that need to be accounted for on your insurance policy. If you need another New Year’s resolution (or even if you don’t need one), it should be to make time to conduct an account review with your agent or account manager at The Uhl Agency!

Discussing your business operations with one of The Uhl Agency’s professionals will help to ensure that you have the protection you need for the exposures your business faces. Coverage can be tailored to new exposures your business has along with changes to existing exposures.

Examples include:

New exposures

· New locations

· New buildings or facilities

· New vehicles or drivers

· New equipment

· New products being manufactured/sold

Exposure changes

· Vehicles sold

· Equipment sold

· Location or building sold

· Increase or reduction in inventory

· Increase or reduction in sales

In addition, our team can keep you apprised of underwriting requirements needed to keep certain types of coverage in place (such as multifactor authentication requirements for cyber insurance policies) as well as best practices to make your business more attractive to the insurance marketplace (such as fleet safety programs and information security programs).

These are only some of the changes that you may experience or be subject to. This checklist is a great starting point when considering your insurance exposures, but any changes to your business – large or small – should be considered when evaluating your business insurance program coverage.

If there’s only one resolution you follow through on this year, make sure a conversation with your Uhl Agency business insurance team member is the one you complete!

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