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Passwords: Simple Ways to Increase Your Security

We frequently discuss cyber risk, cybersecurity, and the best cyber practices for you and your business. Cyberattacks come in many different forms, and each one poses a unique risk to your business. Whether you are subject to one of these attacks may be the cause of poor luck or an honest mistake of a bad click. Often times, though, it stems from your techniques, training, and overall security when it comes to all things cyber.

One area that should not be neglected is password security. Setting passwords is one thing that is always in your control, unlike some of the more complicated ways of hacking. Your password is your online identity and you should treat it just as similar as you would your real identity. Here are some tips to help you keep your identity safe.

· Choose a strong password that contains a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, special characters, and numbers

· Never set your password as your user name, login or personal information regarding children, pets, or birthdates

· Refrain from sharing passwords with others

· Do not write your passwords down

· Avoid repeating or sequential password patterns

· Use an encrypted document or password manager to keep track of all of your passwords

It may be a hassle for some, but by following the tips above, you are taking the right steps in order to keep your identity safe and reduce your risk of a hacking scenario.

If you have any questions, please reach out to The Uhl Agency at (937)434-9090.

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