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Prepare Yourself for the Rainy Season

Spring is here, and with it, we normally experience high amounts of rain. There is a higher likelihood of water in your home and basement. Flooding can also become a problem, too. You can take many precautionary measures in order to be well prepared, but we suggest checking your sump pump for proper operation and have a battery backup/alarm installed on the pump if it fails to work or the power goes out.

Even if you do not live in a flood zone, it may be important to have protection against flooding. If your power frequently goes out, you live in an older home with old wiring and electrical systems, or your basement floods often, you should consider implementing the proper measures. Additionally, if your basement is finished, acts as additional living space, or is a storage space for valuable items, this also applies.

A water damaged basement is a messy claim to deal with and may not be fully covered. Damage can be expensive and you may not even be home when the damage occurs.

If you have a sump pump, make sure that it is in working order. If the primary pump fails or you have a power outage, a backup is vital. The backup will usually sit next to the primary sump pump. You can also purchase an extra sump pump and even an alarm to notify you if your pump is not working properly. Having a battery-powered backup sump pump can prevent gallons of water from entering your home, destroying your belongings.

Other tips to prevent water damage is to check your downspouts for clogs, window wells for backup of drains located there a well and having ground around your home slope away from the foundation.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies exclude or limit sump pump failure, backup of sewers and drains and even floods, but you can purchase endorsements and policies for perils that may damage your sump pump, back up drains or even a flood.

We hope these tips will help you in case of a heavy rain storm! As always, please feel free to reach out to The Uhl Agency at 937-434-9090!

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