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Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agency?

In a technology driven world, we’re inundated with advertisements of seemingly great plans, great rates, and great service. With a simple 30 second ad, armed with some comedy or wit, big insurance companies win customers over with the promise of low rates or customized coverage. Although these advertisements may look enticing, you should consider weighing all your options before doing direct business with a large company.

Customers seem to want to obtain insurance with ease and go with someone who provides a rate that won’t break the bank. With commercials with taglines like “15 minutes could save you 15% or more”, it may be hard to realize that insurance agencies might be a better option to choose. Although saving money is a nice bonus, we all know that we should not make that the most important factor when choosing an insurance carrier, and more research should be conducted.

Independent insurance agencies are the best of both worlds, as they do business with multiple insurance carriers/companies. This not only helps them to shop you around for the best insurance coverage and rates, but it also means that they are a one-stop-shop for you and all of your different insurance needs and can provide you an impressive number of benefits.

Think of an insurance agency as your personal shopper. It’s very similar to working with a real estate agent. Similar to how a realtor takes in all of your needs and wants to find you a house, an insurance agent will review many different insurance companies’ rates and coverage to ensure that the policy will best suit your needs. This all comes at the same price that you would pay by going directly through an insurance company.

Insurance agencies will also provide top tier customer service. Whether it is reporting a claim, making a policy change, or asking a billing question, your local independent agent is there to help you.

Insurance agencies are likely located in your city, and they may also help your local community. By constantly supporting or giving back to the community, you can feel confident about doing business with them. Additionally, they may have great knowledge of the community. This can help you better understand your risks and protect your assets.

Insurance agencies are there to save you time, and hopefully money too! By having many different companies, independent insurance agencies are able to determine what policy suits you the best. It may seem a bit foreign or daunting but take the time to look into an insurance agency and not falling victim to jumping at the first big advertisement you see. By doing this, you may be overpaying, and dissatisfied with the service. The top priority of insurance agencies is to provide you proper protection and peace of mind.


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