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Water Shutoff Systems

Not so long ago, shutting off the water to your home was a manual process that required the closure of a valve inside or outside the home.


Fortunately, improvements in technology now allow for the installation of water shut off systems that automatically detect when something is wrong with a home's water supply. These types of systems detect unusual flow rates within the plumbing system and, when detected, will automatically shut off the water supply.


Many of these systems can be linked to an app on your smartphone and in some cases can be linked to your central station alarm monitoring system to add an extra layer of protection.


By installing a water shut off system that is monitored by a qualified central station facility, a premium credit may be offered to your homeowners policy. If you're interested in installing a water shutoff system, please reach out to your account manager to see if you meet the requirements to receive a discount.


No matter whether a discount is received, we highly recommend that you look into these systems with your plumber, as they can prevent significant damage to your home resulting from water.

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